Dog Walking

Services offered & Terms/conditions.


The majority of dog walks will be individual so your dog will get my sole attention on our walk. I don't do large group walks as I prefer to know exactly where my dogs are on walks!

We may be joined by my sprollie on some walks but as he is getting older now he can't do lots of long walks anymore.

Dogs must be sociable with people and other dogs.

For another dog from the same household add £6 per hour or £4 per 30 mins.

All dogs will be walked on a lead until we are confident they will come when called and a disclaimer has been signed to allow off the lead walking by yourselves.

We will not handle any dangerous dogs and reserve the right to refuse dogs where considered agressive or otherwise unsuitable, ie not responding well to walker or other dogs.

Dog walking is available Monday to Friday 9am-4pm.

The prices are for weekday walks for dogs living within a mile radius of Clifton, Bedfordshire. 



Dog Walking Price
1 hours walk £12.00
30 mins walk £ 8.00
Puppy visit/Dog let out-30 mins £ 8.00
Puppy visit/Dog let out-15 mins £ 5.00