All rabbits must be vaccinated for myxi and RVHD 1 & 2 to be boarded with us.

Vaccination cards must be shown on arrival.


Outdoor Boarding

We have roomy double height large outdoor hutches in our garden for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs and large runs on the grass which they will get daily access to weather permitting! 

All bedding, fresh hay and veg supplied. Their usual diet of dried food must be bought with them. Toys from home are welcome although we do supply some too.

All hutches are disinfected before and after each use with Virkon S.


Indoor Boarding

Indoor boarding is in a family environment within our house.

Birds, Degus, rats, hamsters and exotics can be accommodated in their own cages which they are used to.

We are unable to accommodate house rabbits indoors as we don't have the space.

Fresh bedding and water supplied, their usual dry food must be bought with them.


Arrival and departure time by prior arrangement only, this is our family home so please respect opening times and arrival times once agreed.

Please note: Animals on medication will only be accepted with prior agreement and will be charged accordingly.